About the pug farm


The Pug Farm’s mission is to provide a forever home to rescued pugs who are at-risk due to special needs circumstances.

Vision and Goals

The Pug Farm is a non-profit organization. Our primary objective is to ensure every
pug on the farm lives a long, happy, and comfortable life. We aim to settle pugs who face bleak prospects through traditional
humane efforts or who  have lived in foster care for an extended period of time. Ultimately, we hope to lessen the resources
local organizations allocate to pugs who are ready to be placed in a home so that rescues have more money, more time, and
more foster spaces available for incoming pugs.

Farmer Pugs

The Pug Farm welcomes pugs of all manner and disposition. However, we are the
best fit for pugs who represent the following circumstances:

  • Pugs who have not found a home after nine months of attending adoption
    events and/or being noted as ready for adoption.
  • Pugs who are unlikely to be placed due to special circumstances.
  • Pugs who have health conditions that require attentive care.
  • Pugs who are not aggressive toward other pugs.
  • Pugs who do not have extreme contact sensitivity to grass or other objects
    common in natural environments.
  • Pugs who need a quiet and comfortable place to live out their twilight
    years. Senior pugs are especially welcome on the farm.

Pug Lodging

The pugs spend most of their time indoors playing with toys and relaxing with
each other. The pugs have dedicated living and play rooms, although they
tend to be wherever their people are.


The Pug Farm is located in Martinsville, Virginia. The farm is on a two acre
parcel; an acre of which is fully fenced with the other acre dedicated to
future expansion of the farm. A large brick patio is also available to the pugs
for sunbathing.

Transportation to the Pug Farm

Pugs have a couple of options for arriving at the Pug Farm. In most instances, pugs
will be picked up by staff who have coordinated placement with a local rescue or individual.
If you are having difficult placing a pug  please contact The Pug Farm to discuss your situation.
We may be able to help.

Income, Donations, and Operating Expenses

The Pug Farm solicits donations and other contributions from the general public.
If you wish to donate, please contact us.

All expenses are assumed by the Pug Farm for the feeding, care and maintenance
of our pugs. We also pay for ground transportation to the Pug Farm, and may be
able to help with airfare depending on circumstances at the time. However, if
pugs arriving at the farm require prescription medication, we ask that you send at
least a 30 day supply when possible.